REVIEW: What's so enchanting about the enchanted cafe?

Here’s the classic carbonara. Al dente pasta tossed in thick creamy carbonara sauce with sautéed mushrooms and sausages. Abit too gelat for me though.

Although the sorcerer's elixir drink is instagram worthy enough, with many sources online claiming it to be a mixture of earl grey and lychee drink, the taste falls short. haha. The white smoke continued to emanate for a while to emulate the boiling effect.. like someone making a potion. lol Magical enough for an instagram video and photo but will not order again. overpriced too. 

The cafe is definitely instagram worthy though. You can spend alot of hours.... doing photoshoots in the cafe. maybe can bring along your harry potter costume or what. LOL 

Opening Hours: Tues - Thurs 12 pm - 10pm
Fri 11am - 11pm
Sat 10.30am - 11pm
Sun 10.30am - 8pm
Address: 88 Rangoon Road #01-04, 218374

REVIEW: Lobster Risotto at EagleWings Loft

After a rather disappointing first meal at EagleWings Loft, I'm back again to try out another dish! Finally tried this lobster risotto! Think thick creamy risotto with succulent and fresh lobsters, scallops, and prawns topped with tobiko. Just look at that chunk of lobster meat. I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of lobster in it. It wasn't cheap though. That cost me $38. lol It's worth a try though. 

Day 4 29/12/2017 Tokyo - Paul Bassett Shinjuku, Pokemon Center(Ikebukuro & Skytree), Nakiryu, Sensoji, Skytree Tower, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku Illuminations, Katsuya Shinjuku

It's Day 4 in tokyo japan. I had spent day 1 in tokyo, day 2 and 3 in Kyoto. Damn Hundred Stay hotel has such a good view of the city. :)

Finally had time to find a nice cafe in tokyo to have breakfast in. I went to Paul Bassett Shinjuku. Super big space to dine in and they actually allow people to smoke in their premises which is such a disappointment but their food is alright la.

Needed coffee to jump start the day! One of the criteria for breakfast in tokyo for me is that they must have coffee, so i will mostly head to coffeeshops and Paul Bassett fits the criteria. They are also opened at 7:30am on weekdays and 8am on saturdays which is perfect for people who like to start their day early. Ordered the egg mashed potato which was one of their special that has limited quantity. It is basically an half boiled egg on top of mashed potatoes served with toast and salad. We also ordered the ricotta cheese pancake with maple syrup. It also has bananas. lol

Went to ikebukuro sunshine city to visit the mega tokyo pokemon centre. It's too bad that they dont sell the pokeball power bank already. :( Went to 3 stores and all of them do not sell that already.

I have tried Tsuta Ramen in Singapore and it is underwhelming to me. Didn't go and try that in Tokyo due to time constraint, but still got time for this. XD Anyways, we braved the cold for few hours for this. It was seriously the most excruciating wait. lol
Read everywhere that the dandan noodles is a must order when you're there so i did the same. Omg it was the most delicious bowl of ramen for this trip. The bowl of ramen comes with wonton and an egg. The broth wasn't that spicy but creamy and provided the warmth for travellers that queued out in the cold. The noodle texture was springy and al dente! They certainly lives up to its name as the cheapest 1 Michelin ⭐️ meal.

We went to Asakusa to visit sensoji temple! You will pass by this street that is full of street food and souvenirs. After this, you will get to the Kaminarimon which is the gates with the giant lanterns. Must take a picture with that. hahaha. Didn't take pictures inside the temple as i have been there before.

Walked from sensoji to the skytree tower! Always nice to have a different perspective of the sky tree. Last time I took a train there , and this time I walked there from asakusa. Hence, we had a different view of the sky tree from another place! 🌈 The pastel sky is also very nice! You can also see the moon. This is my first time going to the skytree pokemon center. got lost inside. lol Bought a matcha latte at saryo tsujiri as we were thirsty. Clearly cant get enough of matcha coz had too much in kyoto.

I went to the tokyo tower many years ago during the day time, so i made it a point to come here at night instead! So gorgeous at night with it being lit up! We also went to check out the lightings in Shinjuku. The pink lights are so beautiful too.

Katsuya Shinjuku. Go here if you’re looking for some quick Katsu Don fix! 🍚 They ate opened early in the morning so you can go there for breakfast if you want. 😂 We came here for dinner instead! :)

REVIEW: Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh (宏记砂锅肉骨茶)

As I work nearby Woodlands, whenever there's a school holiday my colleagues will drive us out for a scrumptious lunch! They brought me to this famous bak kut teh store and they claimed that this is good! I had to try it out for myself. It was very crowded when we arrived as it is lunch hour! Lots of OM and OL from nearby flocked to try this.

I love noodles so i ordered the bak kut teh with noodles! As you can see, its filled to the brim! The soup is of a rich herbal taste and is so flavorful! There's alot of meat too! Usually i will finish up the noodles, and there's still meat left. And best of all the auntie at the store will refill the soup for you if you request for it. How generous. :)

This is a must try if you're at woodlands!

Address: #01-329, 19 Marsiling Lane
Opening hours: 8am - 9.45pm

REVIEW: Lai Heng Mushroom Minced Meat Mee

As I live nearby, I often go to my favorite store for some local delicious bak chor mee! They used to jot down their orders but now they give out numbers! haha talk about being high tech!

Address: #01-62, Nghee Huat Eating House, 51 Toa Payoh Lorong 6

The noodles are springy! The toppings are pork liver, mushrooms, minced meat, bean sprouts and pork lard! The soup is tasty and flavorful too! I am having kway teow and yellow noodles in the below picture. This is probably one of the most tasty bak chor mee i have ever tasted. 

Average waiting time for this shop is around 20mins to 40 mins! I always go after 2 to avoid the insane crowd! They have since implemented a queue system where everyone is assigned a number!

REVIEW: Niche Savoureuse at Toa Payoh

They used to be called Niche Boulangerie and they only sell deserts and baked goods. I am not sure if they're the same group of people running the store but have changed their shop name to Niche Savoureuse. Savoureuse means tasty in french. No wonder their decor is kind of french inspired.

So i guess their name means a niche cafe for tatsy food? Anyways this store is right beside Creamier! Read my review about creamier if you have not! Niche has definitely expanded to include more main dishes! This cafe is quite near to braddell mrt too. 

Address: Blk #01-833,, 128 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Block 128, Singapore 310128
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am - 9pm
Closed on Monday
Friday to Saturday 11am - 10pm

Norwegian Salmon Algio Olio ($13.90)
Spaghetti & Meatballs ($12.90)
Iced Matcha Tea ($4.80)
Hazelnut Latte ($5.40)

Fat slice of salmon grilled & served with garlic confit algio olio. I like that the grilled salmon was able to retain the tender inner texture! Algio Olio wasn't spicy at all. 
I love the meatballs! Look at how huge it is! It is very juicy and blended well with the tomato broth.

Strawberry Fields ($5.90)
Red Velvet($5.90)

The strawberry cake was alright. There's too much moose but i like that the sponge cake was fluffy and nice~
Red velvet was topped with meringue which was quite different from the other cafes! It was indeed kind of thinly sliced for it's price but it's yummy. I guess you pay for what it's worth.