Deanna's Kitchen & Xie Kee Hokkien Mee

1) Deanna's Kitchen is a relatively new halal hawker store at Toa Payoh. Malay friends can visit the market and try this out. It is located at Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre and is only open from Friday to Sunday. I went on a Saturday and the hawker centre was frigging packed full of people. I ordered the prawn noodles with clams which cost $6.50. 

A bowl of noodles with so MANY clams is totally worth it. The soup stock is sweet and flavorful with a tinge of peppery aftertaste but i feel like it is not as rich as Sumo Big Prawn Noodles. Nonetheless, the bowl of noodles was good and affordable overall with the amount of ingredients. 

Address: 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
#02-25 Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre
Singapore 310127
Opening Hours: Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

2) Xie Kee Hokkien Mee is located at Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. I have been wanting to try this particular store out since it is quite popular and is located along the way to school! So school has started and i have been busy with assignments. :( I had a saturday class last week so i  took the opportunity to go see if this store is open for lunch before heading to school. I was quite lucky and the store is open after the third time visiting this food centre. This food centre is always crowded but somehow i always manage to find a seat. 

The noodle that they use is the flat kind which different from other stores. I can definitely taste some wok hei in it but i feel like this was kind of just above average and lacking in taste. I wouldn't say it is extremely tasty but you can try it out if you're in the vicinity? 

Address: 51 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#02-174 Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
Singapore 588215
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 10pm
Closed on Monday


1) Japanese Vegetable Curry rice. Not sure if the curry cube is vegan but i used only vegetables here. There's potatoes, baby carrots and corn, shiitake mushrooms and brown enoki mushrooms. Used japanese rice too. This is really easy to make. You cook the ingredients first, then put in water just enough to cover whatever there's inside. Put in the curry cube when the water is boiling and stir to make sure the cube melt into the water. Let it simmer for maybe 5- 10 minutes and stir occasionally.

2) Tomato based pasta with salmon. I cooked the salmon in balsamic sauce and basil. Best to cook the salmon in 5 minutes with medium heat to to maintain tenderness of meat. I then cook the enoki mushrooms and added the pasta sauce afterwards. I finally pour the sauce onto the plate of pasta.

3) Pesto pasta with cheese sausage. I have an extra sausage left from the breakfasts that i have been making. I cooked the enoki mushrooms, white button mushrooms and chopped cheese sausage in pesto sauce and then pour it onto the pasta. Pesto pasta is one of my fav food and western food stores outside rarely has this dish. I usually buy the pasta genovese sauce from fairprice.

4) Thai Green curry with rice. I have this pack of deSIAM, Thai Green Curry Paste sitting in my fridge for a very long time from a past purchase from iHerb. This requires coconut milk. I have been putting this off for a very long time cos lazy to buy. LOL. I finally bought it from sheng shiong, Ingredients here are baby carrots and corn, chicken and shiitake mushrooms. Firstly, you pour the curry pack into a pan and stir fry it until fragrant. Secondly, you put the chicken inside and cook until ready. Thirdly, you put the rest of the ingredients inside and pour the coconut milk in and also 1 cup of water. You can gauge how much water you need based on how many milk you're using. Lastly, let it cook for around 10 minutes and you're ready to serve. :) This particular brand of green curry boasts rich flavor and subtle spiciness. Worth a try. You can click on the above link and purchase.

Korean food at Toa Payoh #hawkerfare

I have explored the mini army stew in my previous post and i am now back to Man's Kitchen & Waker Chicken for more! Trying the Waker original chicken, kimchi fried rice and bibimbap. I only realised they had a 'tender' version of the chicken after my order came. :S The waker original chicken seems more like breast meat to me? If it is breast meat, it is quite nicely done. The chicken is not tough at all. The bibimbap however was quite disappointing. okay so it doesn't have much sauce cos bibimbap is like that. lol i really can't appreciate this kind of rice dish. Kimchi fried rice is served on a hot plate  but portion is really too little. I do not expect these kind of store in a coffeeshop to have restaurant standard but it is really nice to see people putting in effort and serve affordable korean food. 

#HAWKERFARE + The Daily Press

1) I ordered the Mentai maki($5.80) and Mentai salmon don($8.80). They are actually serving restaurant grade food here. I feel like paying such a price for japanese maki and don is completely worth it. First of all, the mentai  maki is served generously with mentaiko sauce then lightly torched before finishing off with fish roe. It is the same for the salmon don. I liked that there isn't much sauce underneath the salmon. I preferred my rice to have minimal sauce. 

Address: Donya Japanese Cuisine
126 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310126
Opening Hours: 11am - 2.30pm
5pm - 9pm

2) $6.50 army stew from Man's Kitchen & Waker Chicken!! There's instant noodles, sausages, luncheon meat, cabbages, onion, etc inside this small pot of army stew. This comes with 🍚 and kimchi~ omg I love it! The store feels quite authentic to me with real koreans cooking.

Address: 125 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310125

3) Asam pedas pasta from The Daily Press! I love that they have so much prawns inside. Not spicy one leh. the pasta could be al dente though.

Refer to previous posts about the daily press


1) I think i did not eat roti prata for quite some time. It was not a food item that i was always craving for, and that day i had cravings for roti prata, so i went out and got myself a plain and egg one. It was good and satisfied my tummy. Curry is for dipping~ 

2) It has also been awhile since i made myself some pasta. I remembered my Balsamic Chicken Bowl Recipe and added mushroom instead. I had white button and oyster mushrooms at home. Easy to make and yummy at the same time. 

3) There are a few western food stores that opened near my house these past few months. There's Char Grill Bar (Toa Payoh) that serves affordable and good western food. Their system is similar to Botak Jones or Big Bern's where they let you choose 2 side dishes that comes with the main dish. I ordered chicken chop and my sides were turmeric rice and french fries. The chicken chop was tender and well-seasoned. the sauce complimented the chicken. 

The Malayan Council

The 2 storey cafe offers a variety of western malayan food such as pastas, brunch, cakes, drinks, and salads. The cafe is walking distance from rochor mrt and it is along dunlop street. 

King Prawns Aglio Olio. There are 2 king prawns and 3 mussels. The pasta is al dente and cooked with garlic, and argula, drizzled with olive Quite spicy and expensive at $25. Felt that the prices the Malayan council are too pricey. Despite that the pasta was not bad and the prawn were good. But if this is suppose to be like Japanese tendon, I feel that they should fry this longer as when I bite into it I feel like I'm eating shells. 😂 damn crazy. I had to pry open the batter and remove the shells myself.

Ondeh ondeh cake! Loved this! The sponge was so fluffy and the brown bits were so crunchy. Very strong Pandan flavour too. Yum. 👅 oh ya this was complimentary. 😂

Address: 22 Dunlop St, Singapore 209350
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 11pm daily

KOKI Tamagoyaki Choux Cream Puffs

Made a trip down to Raffles City Shopping center to buy these puffs! The store is located at the basement. Just a small shop selling tamagoyaki and choux puffs. The tamagoyaki bentos are quite pricey, however the puffs are decently priced from $4.30. I ordered the Raspberry & Rose and Earl Grey flavor. Seems like earl grey is the new hipster flavor. Earl grey anything everywhere. The pastry to filling ratio is just awesome! So much cream filling~ Both flavors are subtle and not overly strong. 

A Day In my Life~ Bread yard Cafe, Alakai Poke & Nylon Coffee Roasters

Breakfast at Bread yard, lunch at Alakai Poke and coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters

Went for breakfast at the Bread Yard. I ordered the big boy's breakfast signature. It comes with a super long sausage, back bacon, grilled cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, toasts and greens. The scrambled eggs are so creamy and was topped with black pepper~ It is even better than the one i had at ronin. I had a matcha latte to go along with the scrumptious breakfast. 

Address: 1 Fusionopolis Place
#01-23/24 Galaxis
Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm
Sat 9am - 2.30pm 
Closed on Sunday

I went for my dental appointment after this. The previous dentist graduated so someone new took over. She seemed like she knows her stuff. lol I also started on pushing back the front tooth. After this i had a nasty ulcer which did not go away even until now. >.< I fucking hate having pain inside my mouth. Aside from that, i went to alakai and tried their Moku Poke plate which comes with 2 scoops of rice topped with some furikake, mashed potato, carrots and salmon which is quite well marinated. You're also allowed to customise your own plate but the guy there recommend i try their poke plate as it was my first visit. :)

Address: 3 Everton Park
Singapore 080003
Opening Hours: Tues - Fri 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 8.30pm
Sat 11.30am - 8.30pm
Closed Sun - Mon

Last stop was at Nylon Coffee Roasters where i had a cup of filtered brew. 
Refer to Everton Park

Cheat Pikachu Curry Turmeric Rice

So i recently ordered this pikachu 3-piece mould set from Amazon JP. It is so cute~ I made turmeric rice as usual. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so it is perfect for me as people around me has been falling sick. I bought the curry from fairprice and put chicken, white button mushrooms, baby carrots, ham and potatoes. I pour the curry on the plate first then fill up the mould with the rice and place it over the curry. Didn't know how to make pikachu facial features thus i cheat a bit and use an iphone app. :X Good idea to spice up my everyday meal with one of my favorite cartoon character. :)

Making Simple meals at home

Simple meals can be made easily at home with very simple ingredients.

1) Made myself breakfast! Everything was cooked with butter. Baby corn, shiitake mushrooms, baby carrots, ham and cheese sausages. 

2) I bought the nabe soup stock from Daiso and decided to make hokkien noodle soup with it. I added oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, broccoli, scallops, chicken fillet, and baby carrots. 

3) Utilized last bits of lobster broth to make yet another udon soup. I loved it so much~ i bought another can of that. The chicken was cooked with balsamic vinegar. I loved that sour taste very much. You can get the lobster broth here link